The State of Finland has been terminated 01.01.1993

In Ilta-Sanomat 21.05.2005 there was an article of Juha-Pekka Tikka, according to which the Business information system, a State's own register, has terminated the State of Finland already beginning from 1.1.1993.

According to Ilta-Sanomat “The termination of the state was at his time the vision of Karl Marx, among others, on the post-revolution world, but today the thought is supported first and most by the right-wing libertalists.The expenditures of the Estimates of the State of Finland are this year in all about 38 milliard euros."

According to libertarians the Estimates of the State are indeed in need of trimming, but most libertarians would content to reduce the functions of the State to security and jurisdiction, to so called night-watchman state or minimal state. Only a minority, the so called anarcho-capitalists, wish to abolish the state altogether. The same objective is shared by other anarchists, though their views about how a stateless society would work differ from the ideals of anarcho-capitalists.

[Addendum: After the article in Ilta-Sanomat was published, the entry "State of Finland" in the Business information system has been changed into the form "State of Finland/HIghway areas of Varkaus".]


Blogger Finnpundit said...

I like the term night-watchman, and the term minimal state. I tend to use the idea of a referee to describe the role of a state in a libertarian society: the state acts as an impartial referee in a competitive, free-market society and economy.

American libertarians tend not to have that big of a gripe with the American Constitution (except, of course, the anarcho ones). They argue that the founding fathers were essentially libertarians, and that the subsequent bloating of the US government is due to a departure from that original vision.

06 June, 2005 22:55  

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