As you can see, I haven't been writing lately much in my weblog. In the beginning of December my downstairs neighbour came to complain, that the water is dripping through his ceiling. Since that I haven't been able to use my shower, and my miserly landlord has been unwilling to get it fixed, though it is on his responsibility, since it was built in the wrong way (and probably cheaply) in the beginning. So I started to look for another flat to rent. I found one quite soon, and though it is slightly more expensive, it is much cosier, over 50% larger and has a decent bathtub (instead of the tiny old closet turned into a leaking shower). Currently I'm tearing off the wallpapers and next I'm going to paint it. After that, but before the end of this month, I'll have to move all my things there. I promise to write again at the latest after I'm done with the moving.


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