Obligatory voting in Belgium

The main stream parties in Belgium have done their utmost to stop the advance of the extreme right wing Vlaams Blok. Last week Belgium's highest court ruled that Vlaams Blok is a racist party, which means that the party will lose access to state funding and to television, which, in a country where the rest of the main parties are publicly funded and have secured their share of the broadcasting time in the state-owned television, effectively means shuting down the party. This seems to only have increased the support of Vlaams Blok, as we can see from this poll. However, this news shows, that all the exertion of the establishment to suppress Vlaam Blok by using government coercion is as unnecessary as it is ineffective. They should just abolish the the law obliging Belgians to vote, and the support of the Vlaams Blok would fall to the half of the current.


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